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Python Web developer. Employed full time, this site is just a little bit about me.

Open Source Contributing
Worked heavily with FreeBSD/ZFS
Deployed large Django apps
2012 -
Deploying awesome Pyramid apps

My Toolbox

Technologies I use (daily).


The framework for real web developers, working to real deadlines. The only python web framework that allows you to create a truly limitless application.


SQL done right, after testing and experimenting with Mongo and various other noSQL systems, nothing beats SQLAlchemy, database agnostic and works flawlessly.


2014 has been a fantastic year for Linux containers, FreeBSD jails are a thing of the past (for me). Docker is storming through and has helped me deploy to a scale I had never imagined.


10 years personal use and 5 years commerical production use, theres not many packages I havent used. Compiling 2.4 kernels on a stage 1 Gentoo install, where it all started.

100 Happy clients

5 cups of coffee (today)

25,000 lines of codes

300 emails (per week)

0 hours complaints

24 github projects

Solent Wholesale

Behind the Solent Wholesale website is a custom CMS and product managaement system, written entirely from scartch to tailor the unique application entirely to Solent Wholesales needs.

Muti Platform

The site was built to run perfectly on desktop, tablet, mobile and phones.


Using SQLAlchemy allows the use of multiple databases, linking their customer facing site, with their internal Sage platform.

Pyramid Power

Using pyramid allowed us to create a dynamic site with every feature that was needed, wihout to much complexity.

Efficent + Usefull

Solent love their site, mainly because it offers a great knowledge base for their customers, making them stand out from their competitors.

The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women's fashion.

Other Projects

Take a look at other projects which I have created and consulted on.

My Blog

Read my development blog.

Scaling docker with Jenkins

Using docker, jenkins and supervisor to scale your web application to run on hundreds of different instances with < 50 line Dockerfile.

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Useful Postgres Commands

A selection of useful commands to help you move around postgresql and help you when things break (caused usually by an ORM).

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Why I stopped using Django

Why I stopped using Django and started using Pyramid, worth a read for anyone who hates major verion upgrades of Django.

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Read some of the feedback from my clients.


Director, Jelvis Electrical

We called Luke to create a unique profesional site, we had a website that just wasn't generating enough new business, all that changed when Luke launched our new site, we get compliments all the time on it!


Director, Solent Wholesale

Luke has done some great work for us, both on our customer facing website, and on our custom web based CRM that be built from scratch, we are very happy and are always looking at what else he can improve for us.

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